Campsite Drnovka

Campiste Drnovka is situated close to village Merklín (in Pilsen-South District) and it belongs to our scout group. Campsite is surrounded by forests and fields, also there is pond Drnovka very close to it. Solid road leads into this campsite. There are two bigger ponds (Merklín´s pond an Kacerna) and public outdoor swimming pool not far from it.


Equipment in Camp

Source of drinking water is 100 m away from the capmsite in privat well. Right in it there is well with usable water (part of the equipment is a generator to power the pump).

The Camp includes

  • Wooden kitchen- fully equipped with wood burning stove and with storage space
  • Wooden dinner room- it is connected with kitchen by dispensing counter, wooden benches and tables are there
  • Wooden warehouse- including tools and equipment for sports and games. There is plastic cellar with entrance in the floor.
  • Bathroom- military trough, the water is pumped from bore/well into the tank, then to the taps by gravity.
  • Chemical toilets (paid separately, it depends on number of cabins)
  • 35 tents (special "podsada" tents with wooden pedestal)
  • military hangar and tent used for washing
  • two fireplaces and playground



  • Local shop in village Buková (1km)
  • Supermarket, butcher, greengrocery, restaurant, metal goods all in town Merklín (3km)
  • Doctor (2x a week in Merklín), hospital in town Stod (14km), emergency servis in town Přeštice (14km), police in town Stod (15km)
  • There is bus connection from Pilsen to Merklín or connection by train from Pilsen to Přeštice and then to Merklín by bus
  • There is a possible access to campsite by car or truck.


CZK 40 per person per night
Minimum price for 14 days  rent is 13 500 CZK (less than 25 people)
Minimum price for 7 days rent is 8 000 CZK (less than 28 people)
WC rent is paid separately (approx. 1 000 CZK per cabin per week)
Drinking water about 700 CZK for 14 days


Contact person:
Josef Volf
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Points of interest

  • Outdoor swimming pool in a forest near village Buková (1,5km)
  • Public outdoor swimming pool in village Ptenín (2,5km)
  • Ruins of castle Lacembok (7km)
  • Ruins of castle Roupov (9km)
  • Hill with the remains of the church, nowused as lookout tower (12km)
  • Bolfánek-lookout tower, castle and botanic garden, Arboretum of Černín family (15km)
  • Castle in Horšovský Týn (20km)
  • Castle in Švihov (20km)
  • City of Pilsen (36km)



Pictures of campsite: